Monday, November 17, 2008

Still going around

Well, we're all still a bit sick, but on the mend.

Duck and I still have a wet cough, I'm still blowing my nose like crazy. E feels like he's finally getting out of his system more today since he spent the day puking. Gotta love that sensitive gag reflex my boys have! I couldn't make myself puke if I wanted to. In two pregnancies, I have only puked once each time. I think.....I really don't think I've puked with this one. I know I did with Sam but that was more food related than pregnancy related.

I've been puking sick ONCE in 10 years. That was the year I actually got a flu shot. Not since!

In other news, Duck continues to put 3-4 words together. Such as:

Whew, that was close
S, what do? (S, what did you do?)
I three (I'm three)
My name owie (My name is Owie...we're not sure where Owie came from, but we're working hard on getting him to say S instead)


Anonymous said...

So does he really say three, or does he say free...I still can't get Walker to say three. That darn th!

Duck's Mom said...

it's more like see than free.....we're still working on "f" since he's got the pacifier gap in front.