Friday, November 21, 2008

OMG my belly is TIGHT

Little, little man must be going through a growth spurt faster than my skin can stretch. Not feeling comfortable at all right now. He's moving around, but everything hurts from the inside out.

I think I'm the only pg woman in the world that teh baby moving at night HELPS me fall asleep. It's peace of mind really. I mean, think about it. If he's moving around, I can fall asleep knowing he's okay and I can relax. It's when he stops moving around that I worry and can't watch the insides of my eyes.

I also don't get up to pee in the middle of hte night (yet). Probably because I've always been one to go long periods of time without going. Don't get me wrong, I go ALL.DAY.LONG. I go before I leave work and still have to go the minute I get home and it's only a 12-mile drive!

I'm sure that will all change in the next 13 weeks. YES, can you believe it? THIRTEEN weeks!! maybe less, maybe more (doubtful). The holidays are almost here and after that it will be all downhill as far as time left to go.

I'm really looking forward to my parents being here for HJ's birth. My mom was here for Duck. Sadly because he was an emergency c/s she wasn't in the delivery room....and this one will be a scheduled c/s, so again just me and E. But at least Duck will have someone he loves very much taking care of him while I'm in the hospital.

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Anonymous said...

I've been up peeing in the middle of the night 1 or 2 times for at least the last 7 weeks. You are lucky if you can make it all night!