Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just a veggie tray and I'm D-O-N-E DONE!

Yep, I got all the stuff I needed for Thanksgiving dinner over two days. I have 6 adults, 1 infant, 1 toddler and 1 pre-schooler for Thursday and 4 adults and 1 pre-schooler for Friday. For some reason, my wonderful husband doesn't think a 14-lb turkey is enough.

Considering we are also having:
baked mashed potatoes
sweet potatoes (at absolute insistence they stay in the kitchen out of reach of Duck)
green bean casserole
homemade white wheat bread
crescent rolls
veggie tray
triple layer pumpkin pie
chocolate chip cookies
no bake cookies
and a mystery dessert being brought by a guest :)

I'm also making a triple layer chocolate pie for Friday as a fresh dessert.

I was always taught figure a half pound of meat per person. I have 8 adults, so I really think 14 pounds is more than enough. Duck will likely not eat turkey, just mashed potatoes and bread. (no worries, I have chicken nuggets in the freezer for him.)

But I had to promise E that if we looked "low" on Friday morning, I would go out and buy a small turkey breast to make for our guests that day. I doubt that will happen though.

I'll stop off at Publix to get a medium veggie tray on my way home on Wednesday. and I'm all done! WAHOOOOOOO

Oh, and we're putting our Christmas tree up in a little bit, just had to wait til Duck got up from his nap.

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