Friday, October 24, 2008

Car accidents SUCK

I was on my way home tonight, sitting a red light, when I hear a huge fired truck coming from behind us. I try to get into the right lane and before I can.....the fire truck decides to jump the median and head the wrong way down the other side of the road.

So I think fine, I'll turn my wheel back toward the lane I was 90% in. All traffic was stopped. Then this freaking semi comes barreling through the right lane and HITS ME! :(" border="0"> :( Took the front bumper halfway off, and scraped the hub cap for the front right tire, but no engine damage and it didn't even jar me. I certainly took pictures for the insurance agent.

Anyway, then before we can call 911, the Orange County Fire Dept Batallion Chief comes up behind us. (he was on his way to the same accident as the fire truck) He called FHP and helped us get off the road.

The trucker denied ever hearing the fire truck. Don't know how, it was less than 3 minutes from fire truck to getting hit. I was clock-watching as usual because I was late leaving work.

Anyway, FHP finally gets there, hears both sides of the story.

I was found at fault because the trucker hit me with the back of his truck not the front, but I did not get a ticket. I'm fighting the fault with the insurance company. I did what I was supposed to do (move over for emergency vehicles) and got hit when I was STOPPED. With stopped cars in front of and behind me.

But, the trooper said that because I did the right thing, I wasn't getting a ticket. Stupid trucker comes barreling through the right lane at a red light and I'M AT FAULT?

I have no front bumper. The trooper and trucker took it the rest of the way off and put it in my back end.

Trooper said if I got pulled over on my way home for no front bumper, just to show them the crash report.

I hadn't felt the baby move the entire time we were sitting there (over an hour) and I started to get worried. I asked him if I needed to go later on, he said to take the report to the hospital.

I got home two hours after the accident and HJ hadn't moved yet. So I downed some Sunny D and he started moving again and has been pretty active the past two hours.

I don't want to drive it any more than we have to, but we are going to try and file the claim with All State and make the appt to get the Scion in for repairs.

We just can't catch a break EVER.

I'll come back later with pictures, I promise

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