Thursday, October 30, 2008

Please help us meet our base goal!

Duck and I are walking in the Walk Now for Autism Orlando walk on November 15. We did this last year and while I will be nearly 6 months pregnant, we're doing it again.

The minimum donation for a t-shirt is $100. Duck has $25 raised so far. I originally set a high goal, but right now I just want to see my Duck get a shirt for his participation.

This is our design, from my friend Heidi:

Please? Without Autism awareness, I really feel that Duck would have fallen through the cracks as just another boy who talked late. We know that's not the case, there's so much more than just a speech delay. But not enough to qualify under PDD-NOS right now. Duck continues to make strides every single day with the help he gets in school. Again, without Autism awareness, this is something we would not have.

To donate, please visit Duck's team member page (click here).

This is such a worth cause and fully tax deductible.

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