Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'll be so glad when it's cooler out

I'm really tired of these 80+ degree days. I think I got pg one month too early. I'm 22 weeks and waddling like crazy, getting overheated way too easily, and what few mat clothes I do have, I'm already outgrowing. My fave pair of pants will likely need replacing no later than Thanksgiving. They're already starting to feel a bit uncomfortable around the belly.

I broke down and got my bigger pair of mat shorts out this weekend. Pathetic because at this point with Duck? I had just started wearing mat shorts. 22 weeks! I still have 16 weeks to go! (well, 18 officially)

Can someone please hurry up Christmas so I can start a real countdown? Thanks!

I started buying food items for our annual "Friends, No Family" turkey-day dinner. I do that like my mom, buy a little at each payday, then you're not shelling out buku bucks the week of. The stuffing and green bean casserole are taken care of. I think I'm going to break down and buy a pie, though. I want our guests to come with only their appetites and leave with leftovers!

I'll have to check our menu again to see what else I can buy in advance. The turkey will likely wait til the week of so I don't have to worry about freezer space.

No sweet potatoes at our house, Duck is allergic. So, I'm hoping someone at work brings them to that celebration. Not that either of us feel we're missing out by not having them, it's just that when we've had the opportunity to eat them sans Duck......we forget how gooey sweet they are. (we went out to dinner back in May to Golden Corral when my parents had Duck and we each had some.)

I guess I could just type it out here:
mashed potatoes (from scratch)
pumpkin pie
green bean casserole
stuffing (no I don't make it because I don't like homemade)
beverages (juice, water, milk, pop--that's soda to non-Midwesterners)
salad or veggie tray
cheese and crackers

I also don't do cranberry mess, either Gross, the only time I've actually enjoyed cranberry juice were the two times I was in the L&D area at the hospital down the street. (when I had Duck and yesterday when I was monitored after the accident)

The best part about FNF Thanksgiving? I have room this year! Thanks to my wonderful ILs, we have beautiful furniture and expanding table. A little short on chairs this year, but I'm thinking that Duck and the other toddler can sit at his table, giving us the two folding chairs for the table. I don't have room to store extra dining room chairs. At least not til I get Duck AND HJ out of a high chair or find a house. I'm sure the former will happen way before the latter!

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Amanda, Brian and Katherine said...

this post makes me want thanksgiving now! i love thanksgiving foods!