Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Well, baby boy decided to once again be his own person

The nurse practitioner tried for a good 5-7 minutes to trap that kid in a spot to hear his heartbeat and he wouldn't stay put. So, she had to go get the ultrasound machine. Oh, boy is this boy is sitting low! Duck did too, but not like this. He was just chillin' out, waving to mommy, trying to flip over.

I swear I felt him from the outside last night. I was laying on the bed, trying to just relax and feel him inside, when all of a sudden, I felt him inside and on the palm of my hand. E was already asleep, so I didn't get to share it with him.

Next appt:
October 3: 1st glucose test
October 5: 2nd integrated screen (1st was on 8.22)
October 20: fetal echocardiogram

As long as I don't have any problems with tomorrow's blood test, I won't have to have another glucose screening until 28 weeks. Otherwise, it's on to the 3-hour test. I was borderline for the 3-hour test with Duck, so hopefully, I will not be anywhere near that tomorrow.

Weight is currently at 173. Total weight gain: 6 pounds.

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