Thursday, October 23, 2008

His name is Henry James

There are VERY few things you get to choose in your life. Your child's name is one of them. So, I say, if you don't like our choice for our child, have your own child.

We chose Henry James for many reasons. My dad's name is James T...........but one of my cousin's has a son named James and I really like it for a middle name. T? Yeah, too much of a mouthful for a toddler, especially one like Duck who has a speech impairment. Don't want to set both kids up for frustration.

My grandfather's middle name is Henry. His first name is R. Each of my parents have only one brother and they are both named R. Each of my uncles have a son named R. To me, that's definitely enough Rs in our family. So, we opted for Henry as a first name.

We will call him Henry. NOT HANK. I do NOT like the name Hank. (though I do love King of the Hill.)

I don't even mind HJ as a nickname, E doesn't like it, but I don't think it's horrible. Heck of a lot better than Hank.

In a time when people are coming up with the strangest spellings of even the most "normal" names......we chose a name that was simple, classic and easy.

And I really like the idea of Sam-n-Henry.

So the decision is final. I won't be changing my mind this time. Duck had a different name for a while in utero in the very beginning, but once we knew he was a boy, we chose his name and stuck to it. We've actually had Henry James picked out for a while.

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