Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's official, my son eats like crap

We had a conference on Friday with Duck's teacher about some of our concerns and eating was definitely one of them. The teacher also expressed some concern because he's typically eating breakfast OR lunch, but not always both. Then the problem becomes if he doesn't eat lunch, he will eat at the sitter's which in turn causes him to not eat dinner.

I don't know what his problem was this weekend. He didn't have breakfast, wouldn't eat it until I took a bite of a Nutripals bar. Then he ate that. He ate lunch and dinner, though.

Today, he ate half my Coco Roos, had a cup of chobby. He had a Kit Kat for a morning snack (we don't worry about sugar so much as getting carlories into him, he really does eat healthy). then a grilled cheese for lunch with some pear juice and cheddar sour cream chips. Dinner? Nope. I even made spaghetti and gave him peas. No go. All he wound up having was some water and then his night chobby.

Oddly, I was very relieved to not be the only one noticing he eats so freaking little. We offer 3-5 things even, no such luck. Mac-n-cheese is pretty much a given, as is grilled cheese. But, those things have other implications. He's back off the Miralax, but I feel like now we're trading on issue for the other.

So, visit to the pedi? Pedi gastro?

It's not just toddler eating/non-eating day. this is consistent eating only two meals a day, with a third thrown in once in a while. when I told the teacher that the days he eats both meals at school, he won't eat at school, she thought the same thing as I did. It's not normal.

they had a fire drill on Friday. Then the alarm wouldn't turn off. Of course it was right in the middle of pre-K breakfast. She took them all outside with their breakfast. The rest of the boys ate and then played. She took Duck back inside with some cards to work with and as she was "ignoring" him, he would pick up a cheerio or two and eat. she said he ate about half a bowl before someone came in the room and it was over at that point.

He's weird like that. He either wants to be ignored during meal time or he wants everyone eating and we still haven't figured out when it's time for either.

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