Tuesday, May 6, 2008

HSG is........


Totally awesome news, but all it means is that there's no structural reason things aren't getting through. I guess we just keep moving forward. I really hate when things come back "normal" when there's obviously something not normal. Oh well, "just keep swimming" and "buck up buttercup" are my new mottos in all this.

My little Duck.....he's so sweet most of the time. Today, however, not so much. Today, as I walked into his sitter's house, I see him attempting to bit another child. At least, to the "naked" eye, it looks like biting. I think he's trying to play a game that I play with him. I nuzzle my face into his jawline and growl. He giggles like crazy, then turns his head to expose the other cheek and brings my face down to his jaw and expects me to do it again. I think he's trying to do this to her. He doesn't do it with the other two kids, mainly because one's baby and the other is about a year older.

I'm just so sad about the whole situation. I never wanted to be the parent of a biter. and I just can't seem to get through to him that certain games are just for Mommy and Daddy.

He was quiet the entire way home tonight....he didn't babble, giggle or talk to me. I think he knew I was quite upset about what I'd seen. He didn't even whine at me once. And no, he didn't even have a pacifier. He just sat in the backseat with his eyes kind of glazed over from crying at the sitter's.

Duck is a sweet boy and he loves his friends, but he's just having a hard time understanding right now.

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