Saturday, May 10, 2008

Those chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs?

yeah, Duck HATES them. Usually chicken nuggets are my standby. He ate EVERY.SINGLE.PEA on his plate and left all the chicken. I tasted one......nowI know why. GROSS.

So, we'll go back to the Tyson Anytizer Chicken Fries. He'll actually eat 4 of those (compared with 2 Banquet chicken nuggets).

He's finally sleeping, I think. Took me forever to get him down for a nap......about 1½ hours.

My friend called me this week to tell me she's pregnant. I am so very happy for her. It's unexpected, so she was wary of telling me given what we're experiencing. I just told her I'm okay because they did want this baby. It's just a little sooner than they'd hoped.

And ya know what, I am okay with it. we're not at the magic 35 yet. The meds are doing their thing. And really, if we get to December, then we'll start talking about not trying anymore. But I dn'tthink we're going to get that far. I try not to make plans anymore.

"Want to make God laugh? Make plans." All my life, I've been his biggest source of humor. I finally learned not to make plans. Kids happen.....then your plans go out the window. And even when kids don't happen, plans can still go out the window. I'm happy with my life as it is now....I'd like another child. I'd feel MORE complete with another child, but unlike some women I know and love.....I don't feel incomplete with just one child. I used to. But in recent weeks, I realize that having one child is not a bad thing, even if in your heart of hearts, another child would make you happy. Being happy with the child I have is so much more important.

And, even when he refuses to take a nap or when he spits water down his shirt (making Papa laugh hysterically) or even when he points at me and says "NO", I love him and I'm grateful for him and all that he's given me in my life.

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Andrea, what a sweet blog!