Monday, May 19, 2008

Aidan designing our shirt?

Interesting suggestion....will have to take that up with his mom. He's an incredibly talented artist, loves dinosaurs, the planets and Buzz Lightyear and Woody. (though I think those last two might have changed recently.)

Among other things.............Daytona was a blast this weekend. No major incidents and well, my little Duck proved his nickname once again. Remember way back when that I told you he has webbed toes thanks to Nana? (See Here I Am for a photo) Well, this weekend, my little Duck put his face fully in the water and started kicking to swim. Course at one point, he moved into a dolphin kick (kind of like trying to do the butterfly).

Duck also got enema #3 this weekend (the others were in July and September last year.) I hate those things. But, there was no way that kid was going on his own. So, we're back to packing lunch for the sitter's. I think he's so sensitive to binding foods. But my good fortune is that he likes Flat Outs which are a GREAT source of fiber and he likes fruit. At least I have my jabbering Duck back and he's eating again.

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