Sunday, May 25, 2008

Duck has two sequnces involving dancing

"twirl, twirl, twirl, jump, jump, jump, happy feet, happy feet, happy feet" has been going on for a few months now. however, he will no longer do it on command or as a performance, it's only as the mood strikes him and ONLY if Mommy does it too.

the new one? this is how you know your child watches WAY too much television:
"NO!, man!, YAY!, I did it dance"

If you don't recognize it, it's either because you live in the dark ages or you don't know a single toddler that's been able to force you to watch an entire episode of Dora the Explorer.

"NO!" is to Swiper

"man!" is Swiper

"YAY!" is Dora and Boots excited that they stopped Swiper

and the "I did it dance" complete with arm swinging comes at the end of every episode.

Kid knows more Spanish than me and E combined from watching Dora and Diego.


Getting the apartment settled more and more each day. I broke down and bought new S hooks for my pans to hang in the laundry room. I even bought screw-in J-hooks and hung up my reusable grocery bags. I love the Publix ones, but I also have the Chico ones. I like that the Publix ones will stand on their own and I seem to get more in them. BUT, the Chicco ones fold in on themselves.....kind of like those jackets we used to have when were know the ones that the pocket turned into a carry-case for the jacket?

Anyway, I also hung up our family pictures. I tried to find new frames at Target last night but couldn't. They might have discontinued their cheapy style, which is a bummer, because I loved them. I saw some at Walmart, but they were too dark and I'd have to buy 6 to replace the 5 I have in order for them all to match.

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