Thursday, May 8, 2008


Yes, I'm talking about myself. I'm slacking on taking pictures and video of our move, slacking on getting some exercise and slacking on updating my blog.

I can get one thing done right now:

We moved in this weekend and we LOVE it. I've already unpackeda bout 30 boxes and even emptied one plastic bin. all of the groceries now have a home and it's not in my bedroom closet. I have an entire cupboard in the kitchen that's EMPTY.....never had that before. Have no fear, I do have items that need to go in it though.

Exercise? Um, yeah, I need to go back to walking every single day. And I'm not going to get my wekly walk in today because I really need to do something more wiht the 45 other boxes sitting around.

As I said on Monday, my HSG was normal. I still have 2 months to get pg on my own, then we start other medications. After this week of 2000 mg of Metformin and Doxycycline.....I'm hoping we don't have to add stomach's already turning over.

The move has been relatively smooth, however. just minor things here and there. (I mean aside from 60 degree A/C)

Duck's adjusting really well.....he loves the open floor plan and the fact that I haven't gated him out of the kitchen yet. (note to self: get new gate)

E's been doign REALLY well on Chantix the past week. He gave up his debit card last night so he's not tempted to buy any cigarettes. He's also taking Concerta now and he says he's more focused at work. Now, if I could only get him more focused at home. Baby steps right?

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Annie said...

You're so not a slacker! You need to send some of that energy this direction - my house is a disaster zone!

Best of luck TTC!