Thursday, September 11, 2008

Franklin and the Green Knight

I know it's not completely possible, but I feel like I have watched this show 875 times in the last year. It's probably closer to 200, we watch it nearly every night. But why? Because I'm tired of watching Franklin's Magic Christmas that I'm sure we've watched over 800 times given it's DVR'd from Christmas 06. (did you know that these things will stay on your dvr forever if you don't erase them?)

Actually I really like having the dvr capability. After all, I can keep that, Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas from Christmas 07 and even two episodes of Bear in the Big Blue House that's not even on anymore.

Mostly I like it because Duck can watch his favorite shows any time he wants. Plus, I don't have to stay up late to watch Army Wives or Project Runway.

Right now Duck is under the dining room table trying to put his daddy's shoes on my feet and OMG the kids' hands are FREEZING. Feels good on my feet, though.

Is it a bad sign that my socks are already leaving indentation marks on my legs? I'm thinking it is. I need to drink more water and lay off the soda. Even though it's the only thing that settles my stomach right now, fountain Coke will just have to wait a while.

I'm still feeling pretty good. I think if I can pry E off the computer, I might even be able to get a pregnancy picture to post. My body is pretty pregnant-obvious now. Although I look in the mirror and don't see it, my friends do......oh and my mom did over the weekend on the webcam. "I can see your belly!" Um yeah, so can I when I look in a mirror.

I can't, however, get away with my regular clothes anymore. And I need to start getting creative. I really only have 3-4 tops that will fit for the duration of the pregnancy. See, when I was pg with Duck, I worked at Disney. So, I wore a costume (read: uniform) most of the time. When I got home, I put on pajama bottoms and one of E's t-shirts.

Now? Now, I need clothes because I have a professional job. So, I rotate the same tops. Problem is, even those aren't going to last because I bought them early in my pg with Duck, so I know they won't fit when I've got more weight on.

I think the best way I'm controlling my weight is by not eating a half pint of ice cream every night. OMG, I made E buy ice cream in those 5-quart buckets with Duck. They never lasted much more than a week.

I have no cravings this time around aside from eating and NOT gaining 45 pounds. Ideally? 20 is my limit. 25 would be "okay", but nothing more.

So, I'm eating more fruit, drinking fruit juice and I traded whole milk for 2% this time around.

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