Saturday, September 27, 2008

lack of udpates's been pretty crazy around here. Recently made the decision to drive home in a few weeks. I have a job where if you don't use your vacay, you lose it. But, being 18 week pg, I had to make a decision fast or I'd be taking a vacay in my apartment. So, against the better judgment of other people, we are driving the 1200 miles from Orlando to Detroit in a couple of weeks. Yep, at 20 weeks pg and with a potty-training 3yo, we're going to drive straight up I-75. Much better and more cost effective than shelling out $1000 tickets and luggage, plus trying to find transporation to and from the airport. Not to mention lugging Duck's car seat through the airport (we have a cool thing, but you have to disassemble it on the plane). Just easier to drive than fly when you have a toddler/pre-schooler.

But seriously, I would rather drive. That's the way I grew up. Driving and staying either with family or in a pop-up camper. When I was an exchange student in 88, it was my first flight every. At age 14, to a foreign country without my parents.

E and I drove down here in April 04, we drove back home for Christmas 06 and now we'll do it again in 08. (I also did it for NYE 99/00, but that was BE.......Before E.) So, I don't think much of an 18-hour drive. And adding Duck into the mix isn't that bad. As long as we have a full charged dvd player, his Franklin, Diego and Curious George dvds, some Nutripals bars and some Chobby......we're all set. Might look for a new toy the night before we leave though.

Plus? Plus after all the media some of these families with special needs families are getting? I don't need that kind of crap happening with Duck. He'll be much happier in his own seat for 1200 miles, getting to run around every few hours. As I'm sure so would every other Orlando to Detroit passenger be than if we flew. He's just at that age where not getting what he wants entitles him to a full blown meltdown. I hate dealing with them, I won't purposely subject someone else to them, nor would I put my child in a situation where he might have one.

Anyway, things have been crazy.

FIL is here right now. YAY. Love it when he's here. 'Course he brought presents for Duck. Really cool building blocks, an alphabet puzzle and a bowling game. And we've got a PERFECT hallway for the bowling.

Tomorrow? Tomorrow I'm making a pot roast. Last night I had a steak for dinner. I know you're probably all picking your jaws up from the floor. I'm not a big beef eater.

Seriously, I grew up with home-grilled steak every other week. Complete with buttered mushrooms. So, it's not like I wasn't exposed. I just never developed a strong desire to eat it. My mom makes the BEST pot roast in the world. I could eat it any time. But, I live 1200 miles from her. And, really, I don't like to cook big meals for just me and E. Otherwise, I seriously don't eat a lot of red meat. (tacos and spaghetti don't count and we really don't have hamburgers that often.) I'm a chicken or tuna kind of girl. And since E's learned how to successfully grill a salmon steak, we have that about once a month. (he gets fish and I don't have a fishy-smelling apartment)

BUT.......a few weeks ago, I drove by a Texas Roadhouse. And, OHMYGOD, the smell coming from that place was enough to drive me crazy. So, FIL took us there last night and I actually ordered an 8oz sirloin. I seriously was in heaven. I didn't finish it all, but it was enough to curb the craving for a while. But, on my way home, had to go to Super Target to pick up new photos of Duck and found a perfectly perfect pot roast and grabbed some carrots and red potatoes too.

YUM Can't wait to cook that tomorrow.

Then tomorrow night? I'm making chili. Just because I want to have it on hand.

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