Friday, September 5, 2008

Lots of exciting news......

First, I'm proud to say my husband has finally quit smoking. It's been about a week and he's doing so very well. He said today that the crap in his chest is breaking up and even though he's coughing up that nasty stuff, he feels a lot better than just two weeks ago when he was still smoking.

Second, my little duck continues to make potty progress. He pees at school and home and will even poop when he lets us know. Of course the communication part is a bit slow, but at least he's trying.

We have 4-word sentences to mimic.....such as "mama, i want _____." it's a good start and he's learning so much at school and at home. Working for a publishing company has its benefits. Old books are given away and Duck has found love with an old Science program big book. It's great to see your 3 year old standing up to the couch, hunched over a book almost as tall as he is.

The bus is a WONDERFUL thing. He rides the bus from school to the sitter's house and as soon as they turn the corner, he starts shouting out the sitter's daughter's name. (funny, as soon as she hears the bus, she runs to the door shouting Duck's name. She also refuses to nap if it's a school day when Duck will be there)

As for me? My appetite is back in full swing. It's nice because I finally feel like I can eat again. But, I feel like I've eaten non-stop the past three days. There are two good things here. First, my weight is still down at this point. Second, the weather is starting to cool off a bit and maybe once we get the hurricanes/tropical storms to calm down, I can get out for evening walks with Duck. (though we'll have to avoid the pool area becuase he think he belongs in the water....silly Duckling!)

I had my new OB appt today and it was WONDERFUL! The nurses were phenomenal. I really liked that the same nurse who weighed me, also took my blood, told me to pee in a cup and listened to the baby's heartbeat. While I didn't see the dr, I was still well taken care of. We were in and out in less time than it takes to just get to a room at the old OB's office. (note: old OB's office never called to see why I switched, only confirming to me they were only out to make money, not to be personable with the patients. Hell, even the first pediatrician we had who routinely had 90-minute wait times called us to see why we left. So, I'm glad we switched)

Meant to ask what my BP was.....My weight was 164 pounds at 14 weeks, 5 days. At this point with Duck, I'd already gained back the first 8 pounds I'd lost and a few more. 164 is my pre-pg weight with Duck. So, I figure 25 pounds from now would be a good gain.

Baby's heartbeat was hovering around 155/minute. I have to call the diagnostic center to have them fax over all their bloodwork from two weeks ago. We're still opting out of amnio at this point. If there was a marker from that bloodwork, they would have called us by now.

Did I mention two weeks ago that the nurse that did my blood draw blew the vein? I mean, I don't like needles AT ALL. I had to stop giving blood because I keep passing out. (definitely weigh enough and I'm not anemic) Anyway, I kept tell her that it REALLY hurt. Basically ignored me.......I had a lump for a few days and it's still a little red with mostly yellow.....but wow, two solid weeks to heal from a bruise?

Anyway, I'm really super happy with the new OB's office.

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