Sunday, September 7, 2008

on our computers

Duck's on his Little Touch Leap Pad and I'm on the laptop.....E's got an "eye headache" so he's laying down.

I love that Duck will sit next to me playing with his Leap Pad and not want to push all the buttons on the laptop. He LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES that thing. Suppose to be for kids 6-36 months. Here he is at 38 months and adores it. He GETS it. Doesn't really like the other books, but has to have the A-Z Adventure book.

Right now Governor Crist is on the tv with a briefing on Hurricane Ike. Fay dumped on us, Gustav stayed west, Hanna went up to the Carolinas, and well, Josephine is no more. At least for now anyway.

Ike, however? Could cause some problems for FL even without a direct hit. I hope the gulf coast oil rigs are watching so they can prep as well as they did for Gustav. Maybe FL will luck out again this year.

My favorite website right now is Sad, really. Then again, I like to be informed of what may or may not be headed this way.

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