Saturday, September 20, 2008

Trip to the pedi's office

I just LOVE our pediatrician. Love, love, love the man dearly. Seriously, he's freaking AWESOME. Granted, we didn't get to see him this morning, but I still love him.

What do I love about him? He's younger (about 5 years older than me I think), has younger children and isn't so far removed from preschoolers that he doesn't pass Duck's delays off as him just being a slow learner or telling us "he'll talk when he wants to." I also love that he takes the time to listen. He's never once made me feel like a first-time mom. He respects that I take time to research stuff online, that I generally follow his directions (typically with my own instincts thrown in for Duck), and he's just a really great guy overall.

So, we did have to take Duck in this morning. He came home Thursday with a nasty bite. I posted to my mommy groups and got lots of suggestions....chiggers, sand fleas, fire ants, mosquitos.

This is from Friday morning. Keep in my he's a skinny 3yo, so there's not much of his leg not wrapped by this "bite":

I cleaned him up and bandaged it Thursday night, but it was still oozing Friday afternoon when he got to the sitter's. After she told me how icky it still looked, I called the nurseline at pedi's office. They said to bring him to the clinic or to the office the next morning. Well, since the clinic is a $50 co-pay and the pedi is $20, we waited til this morning.

We got right in and Dr. C's nurse was working. She was so impressed with Duck's language. I mean, it's only been since July that we were there and he was chattering away. He identified the trains, planes, and cars on the wall. He pointed to the school, bus and apple on the roll paper and even looked at books quietly.

The NP said it was more than one bite and after I looked at it better, it's most likely fire ants. Like he ran through a hill or something. I'd say 6-7 bites on that one area, plus three on the front (one was from Tuesday).

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