Sunday, September 14, 2008

On being anal retentive

My husband thinks I'm anal retentive. In some cases, I'd probably agree.

My husband thinks I have OCD. Never been officially diagnosed, I think it goes in hand with the first two statements.

Unfortunately, I gave him proof tonight. We have 10 sippy cups. all the same brand. I bought them in two packs. I remember which colors came together. Two weeks ago, I sent Duck to school with his juice to finish at breakfast. The cup never made it home. The teacher doesn't have it. The sitter doesn't have it. And I've cleaned out both cars....nope.

So, tonight, E finds a sippy behind the couch in the den. It's got milk in it..............but, I can tell that since it's chocolate milk, it's not "that" old. As in more than one day, but definitely not 2 weeks.

As I put dishes in the dishwasher tonight, I started counting again. First I got 8, then I remembered that Duck was drinking milk at that time, so I got 9. Still missing one.

"Why do you get all anal about this?" says my husband.

"Because, I know that we have 10 cups and that means I know to be on the lookout for a moldy milk cup if necessary"

"You're nuts!"

So, I waited a few minutes, then I walk into the den and say, "No, anal would be being able to tell you that it's a blue cup with an orange lid. We have 5 blue cups, 3 green and 2 orange. I know that one orange is at the sitter's. There are 2 green in the dishwasher and 1 in the cupboard. So that leaves me with 5 blue cups. Two are in the cupboard, two are in the dishwasher. That means I need one more. And since I have all the green ones and I know that the orange and blue cups came together, I know that the missing cup is blue with an orange lid."

Crap. I AM anal.

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