Sunday, September 14, 2008

Today was a crap eating day

Although, he did eat something other than chicken nuggets. Granted it was a taco shell, some shredded cheese and a NutriPals bar, but at least it was a variety. Duck's eating habits suck big time lately. I mean, it's the same thing every day and God forbid I expect him to eat what's been made for dinner. (though I don't force him, not a parenting practice I believe in) I'd at least like to see him eating protein other than chicken and peanut butter.

I can sneak in tuna when I make mac-n-cheese (one small can of tuna, one can of no salt added peas, and one box of Kraft mac-n-cheese is enough for us all to eat with leftovers. And everybody likes it. Reheats the next day for lunch too!

That's why I like the NutriPals bars.....I know he's getting protein and fiber from those.

Oh and he's on a milk kick. I'm fairly certain he had 4 cups of milk today. Chobby is Duck for "chocolate milk". I did pick up a trick from my sister. The first cup has chocolate in it, the next one? I fake it. I mean, there's enough milk in the cup so that he gets a bit of flavoring, but otherwise, I don't add any more to it.

And I think this is why we're back to 3 poops a day. Two months ago, he was backed up and only going once a week. Now? Now I'm rushing him to the potty. We didn't make it a single time today. I don't like cleaning up poopy diapers, but I hate giving an enema even more.

Milk is so good for him, though. Calcium, protein, fat (at 3y2m he still only weighs 30 pounds).....but what it does to his system is just plain horrible.

Unfortunately this is the cause of the crap eating. He's too full. Need to go back to water and juice. If anyone needs to be drinking more milk, it's me or E. I do get plenty though because I generally drink the milk from my cereal, which I had for breakfast and lunch today.

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