Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day Three of no puking......


He's got a streak of red across his left cheek, reminds me of the sweet potato reaction from when he was 6 months old. He also has a rash around the right side of his tummy/back.

I *think* it's from tomatoes....he's never had them raw, just in spaghetti or pizza sauce. Or it could be Lactaid (doubtful). Or it could be the Florastor. I just don't know. I do know that it wasn't there yesterday and those are the only new things.

the tomatoes, he didn't really eat. E and I had BLTs for dinner and he kept picking up the tomato slices and licking them. Wouldn't eat them though.

He's has several cups of the Lactaid, though. Only two doses of Florastor, each in his morning milk.

And now that I think about it, he's had a bit of a cough (short coughs, several in a row, then nothing) since Thursday night when we started the Lactaid.

Can a child be allergic to Lactaid and not milk?

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