Saturday, December 20, 2008

Post-dr visit update

He's definitely A LOT clearer now. She said not to be too concerned about the redness creeping upward. She it's usually day 3 when things start to look better anyway. (Someone here said that thank you, I was already at ease before she said that)

We got the referral to the pediatric allergist and I already know that the one she recommended is actually part of my insurance network. So now we hope that I can call AND get him in before January 30 when my contract (ie my insurance) ends.

She said that I was right to be concerned since all of his reactions have worsened in such a short time (4 months). The pedi we saw this morning isn't one we usually see. In three years time, I think this might have been the third time we've seen her. The first time was at 6 months and somewhere in the middle was the second visit. We usually see the other two drs. But at least it's all in his file, whereas if we'd gone to the pedi clinic, they'd just get a copy. Not exactly the same to me.

Oh, and I took my camera with all my pics......since I knew it was highly possible we wouldn't see the same one we saw Thursday night. She was glad I did because she could see the 3-day progression.

I guess I found one arena that my anal retentiveness can pay off!

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