Monday, December 22, 2008

Today is a VERY good day

So much to be grateful for today.

My day started with a very happy pre-schooler in my room at 6:30. Why was this a good thing? Because he was happy and he had POOPED! Poor kid had tried all day long yesterday without luck......even with getting him on the potty. He just gave up when we got him there.

Next? I had put his usual chobby, 2 mini pb cups and a syringe of Atarax on his little table. All I wanted was to change his butt. When I said, "C'mere Duck".....he not only came right over, but he grabbed the syringe of medicine!! Just too cute for words. He's finalyl just relegated that this is part of our morning routine. Shock of his life when by the end of the week all he's getting is chobby!

Then? We have company coming for dinner on Wednesday evening. A friend of MILs is stopping by. Don't get to see David much even though he only lives 3 hours away, so it's a nice treat. But what is making the visit more enjoyable (especially since I have work all day) is MIL treated us to a Honeybaked Ham dinner with cornbread stuffing and cheesecake. YUM! Very excited I do not have to cook this holiday, Thanksgiving was hard enough. So, 7.5 months pregnant and NOT cooking on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Quite possibly THE perfect gift.

And then???? I made a call to the pediatric allergist the pedi we saw on Saturday recommended. They have an appointment for him on Friday at 10:15!!! OMG, this really was a huge highlight to my day. Thought I was going to have to wait WEEKS to get him in. Turns out, we only have to wait a few days. YAY!!!! (Now, anyone want to tell me how to make sure my kid's not screaming bloody murder during an allergy test?)

Now? I'm getting to help out on another grade level at work. My stuff hasn't come in yet, so this gives me something to do, and it's NOT measurement!!! Just simple basic multiplication facts. Of course, my own measurement chapter is due in this week, but it's nice to have a break and be of use to someone.

To make a good day better? My friend Morgan offered to go to Midnight Mass with me on Wednesday night so I can leave my boys at home. Now, just to decide which church to go to.

So, it's 1:00 p.m. and I'm having an EXCELLENT day!

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