Friday, December 19, 2008

Up and over the belly button

We see the pediatrician tomorrow morning at 10:00. It's definitely still spreading, even with continued dosing of Atarax. The good news is that the lower part (below the diaper line) appears to be less red than this morning.

I sent the pics to his teacher and she actually said that she didn't notice anything on Thursday before he left school when she changed him. Not exactly sure HOW that would happen....especially given what I saw Thursday morning before school and what the sitter saw after school. Unless she changes him so fast that his t-shirt gets kind of tucked into the diaper. Entirely possible.....happens to me all the time.

So, here are the latest pics.....from about 5:00 tonight. He's had Atarax at 6a, 12n, 6p and I'll have to get him up at 12m. He got Augmentin at 10a and I'll give it to him again about 8:30 before bed. I should find some yogurt he'll eat.....maybe prevent a YI. He's prone with certain antibiotics and God knows that's the LAST thing I want to deal with now.

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