Sunday, December 7, 2008

I guess I should update.....

This is me at 27 weeks, 6 days.......and YES, I feel as huge as I look.

Thanksgiving was AWESOME. 14 lb turkey was perfect for two days of guests. I even have most of the dark meat leftover. So we froze that and E is hoping that when my mom comes in February for HJ's arrival that she'll make (I mean help me make) turkey noodle soup with it.

HJ is crazy busy growing and flipping around. My sugar is well under control. I see the OB tomorrow morning. We finally got E's bloodwork back to prove he's O negative and getting me out of a Rhogam shot.

We spent this weekend in little town near Jacksonville. Went to see family and had a BLAST! Duck got to play with his cousin Brody and really loved every minute of it. Of course, they have a yard with a swingset, which was definitely the hit of the weekend. (aside from the playroom that is)

Duck's new phrases are "sit chair mama", "more Toot mama", and "I soh-yee mama".

Oh, and we have the whole new routine in the car each morning of "no hitting, no fighting, no screaming." I say each one, then he repeats. The "no screaming" came in handy as E's cousin has a macaw that likes to scream when things are kind of loud and out of control. (hee hee, the boys had a blast together)

We learned how to quickly clean up puke by just making sure Duck pukes all over Mommy. It doesn't even phase me anymore, ya know? I really, really, really hope that HJ is not a puker. I also learned that I want the same kind of washer and dryer that K and A have. The washer took a little over an hour, but that was with a SECOND rinse *AND* the dryer had everything completely dry in about a half hour, including both Doggies. (because God forbid we do anything without Doggies)