Saturday, January 3, 2009


OKay, so it's just to the grocery store. My mom thought it was funny last night when I told her I was taking the babysitter with me to go grocery shopping. I can't do it by myself anymore and E puts too much in the cart and well, I didn't really want to deal with Duck and the groceries.

Besides, Ashley's become more of a friend over the last two years and she's not that much younger than we are.

So I sent her a text message the other day to see if she was available to go with me. YAY! She is!

Of course, I also pay her a little when she comes to help me out. She's giving up her time, so she should be compensated for it.

It helps, I'll move a little quicker and I won't have to worry about loading up all the groceries alone.

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