Monday, January 26, 2009

I got the greatest pregnant mommy gift tonight

a full back rub.

My back has been so incredibly tight lately from all the running around and the stress of leaving my favorite job of all time. It's been hard for me to move at night...even getting to the point that I can't move when I have to pee. Sleep is NOT happening. I swear I'll get more sleep when HJ arrives than I do now. Even 3-hour spurts would help at this point.

Anyway, E could tell I was having some problems moving around after we had dinner with his parents. So after we got Sam into bed (at 10:00 mind you), he rubbed my back for a while. And it wasn't one of those, "I'm doing this because you're making me" back rubs, it was a "I'm sorry you don't feel good, how can I make it better" back rub.

I keep telling him a helpful husband is an ATTRACTIVE husband.

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