Saturday, January 3, 2009

More damn bites

I'm really getting pissed off. I FINALLY get this kid cleared up and he's doing just fine for a few days and then BAM! He gets bit again, starts scratching, starts spreading and there is just plain nothing I can do about it.

He's all broke out across his neck now. It started as two little red bumps on Thursday night. I feel like I need a scrapbook of bug bites.

I took him to the complex office this afternoon and told them they HAVE to do something. They treated twice in October, but not since. My other problem is that it's only HIS room and bathroom. Thing is? He has the only room with 3 outside walls. Our building is set up strangely, but yes, he only shares a wall with our den area. (no ants/bugs in there) So, they are going to have pest control spray the next four Mondays inside and out. This way, they can get them. Hopefully they will also treat the other apartments, well, at least the rat-hole that's above us. Not convinced that's where all the roaches hang out. Sorry, off topic.......back to my little Duck.

I don't know why he's the only one getting bit, but he is. I also know that his sensitive skin is what's causing the severe reactions. He understands to stop scratching, but I'm worried that if we continue to use the steroid creams, they will just make his skin that much more sensitive.

Why can nothing be easy with this kid?

We started Xyzal two nights ago in hopes it would help him sleep at night. Of course not! It's hyping him up! Last night he was up til after 11:30 chattering away like a chipmunk who found a secret stash. So we'll have to give it at snack or dinner time. At least it's a flavor he's taking without issue. Now, the thing will be to keep him on it.

In other news......
I'm feeling okay. I'm actually getting 3 hours of sleep at a stretch, problem is that I'm sleeping in one position for the entire time. I'm normally a thrasher....ask anyone in my family, I fight with the covers. In fact, by the time I was an adult, I gave up on top sheets and only needed fitted sheets and a blanket.

Last night I woke up to a cramp in my left calf and when I attempted to move, I heard several pops in my back and a couple in my left hip. I can't remember laying in one position for so long. Sucks waking up just because I have a cramp........I still don't necessarily have to get up to pee. I do only because once I'm up, I might as well, but it's not waking me.

I see the OB on Monday and will have another ultrasound to measure HJ's weight and size. I'll be 32 weeks, 1 day. My GD numbers are okay, but I'm seeing some high numbers now. I've had two readings over 140 this week alone and that's NOT GOOD. So I have to really watch what I'm eating, get more veggies in and stop letting my stress level dictate my diet.

Oh what I wouldn't give for a big bowl of ice cream and hot fudge! Or a beer.....mojito......Jack and Coke............

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