Thursday, January 22, 2009

Since it's Thursday.....

it's time for a pregnancy update.

Monday's stats:
Weight 193 (that's 26 pounds my friends....I'm doing so much better this time around, I started at 167)

BP was 118/78 though I'm not really sure how since my life the past few weeks have been CRAZY stressful.

I am measuring 38 weeks. That's FOUR FULL WEEKS ahead of schedule. But that's by tape measure, not anything "scientific." Problem is that I know I have polyhydramnios (high amnio levels) which I had with Duck and I think that's contributing to the measurements being so weird.

He's definitely not ready to come, his lungs aren't ready. I'm going to ask the NP on Wednesday next week about another u/s because I feel like my skin is SCREAMING for a break. I can barely stand upright most nights because it just feels like my belly is a balloon is ready to pop.

Everything else is on track though.

Duck's doing pretty good. He had a really bad day at school with lots of hitting on Tuesday. I think the stress of the baby and just home life is starting to get to him. We're struggling with pooping again. Only twice this week.......and that's with Miralax in his milk daily. Oh, and we've switched him to Lactaid and rice-based cheese. Knock on wood, we haven't had any puking since the 11th. Which is a very good thing. We make mac-n-cheese and pudding with the Lactaid, too. That way he can have it. Pizza is still proving difficult, but we've found Florastor helps with that.

My lessons blog has evidently done some good. I haven't had to beg or cry to get some help and E's even done some of the "extra" chores that I have on a list. I have found if I list all the BIG things, like cleaning the fan blades of the ceiling fans, he knows what has to be done. I also haven't touched the dishwasher in 4 days even though I know it's been run at least three times.

I've put job-hunting on hold for the time being. As much as I will miss my current job, I think I will actually enjoy three weeks at home to get ready for HJ's arrival. Three weeks vacation sounds good to me. My body definitely needs it. Plus, really, we haven't had a plans-free weekend since before Thanksgiving. I want some time to really get ready for HJ.


Anonymous said...

We've switched from soy milk to rice milk for Gray. He really likes it and they make in original, vanilla, and chocolate. He also eats tofutti pizzas. The only thing is they can be hard to come across. One of our grocery stores has a good selection of organic/specialty foods where I can get those. We don't get them a lot, but that way if the family has pizza, he can eat with us. -Shelby

Courtney C said...

You should try the rice dream products if you haven't already. My mom used to give us them when we were little. They make everything from cheese to ice cream plus they taste good!