Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My "other" family

Taking a trip back in time now........all the way back to the spring of 1988. I was a freshman in high school, taking German. My German teacher handed out information on exchange students through a program called "Friendship Connection." It was a 4-week program where a student came to live with you, then you went to stay with them.

My parents willingly participated in the first part of the program, telling me that we couldn't swing for me to go. That was okay with me because I was just excited to participate.

Three days after Nina arrived, my parents were on the phone, trying to make sure I was on the flight in June to go to Germany for four weeks because Nina fit into our family so well that I must be able to fit in just as easily.

Absolutely, 100% one of the best experiences my parents ever afforded me. We didn't have a lot of designer clothes and my mom knew how to save this was a HUGE deal to be able to go overseas for four weeks.

(mom if you're reading, please scan/send/bring a few of my pics from way back then)

So, here they are, my "other" family who I love and miss dearly. I had the privilege of returning to Germany a few times while my sister was stationed there, surprisingly close to my family. It's been 6 (maybe 7) years since I've seen them, but I know that we could pick up right where we left off.

(Frank, girlfriend Sassy, "Dad", "Mom", Nina, boyfriend Heinz)

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