Friday, July 8, 2011

As I return to blogging

I'm left wondering what to write. Some say I write too much personal. But this is my blog to write, not theirs.

Ask my parents and my siblings, I've been an open book for as long as I could open my mouth. I've learned to filter, but probably not as much as I should. However, I also believe that if you don't tell someone that you are having a problem, then they can't help you.

This is a concept I've struggled with for a LONG time. I don't know exactly how to ask someone for help. Especially asking for help and then letting go of the idea that someone is actually going to help me and it might not be exactly the way I want it done.

Take my husband for example. He tries so hard to help me sometimes. but I get after him about doing it wrong, then he just gives up. Today, I took the boys shopping, came home with two gallons of milk. Eric just pops them into the fridge. Not bothering to bring the near empty container to the front. So, I just told him "thanks for helping, babe, but things need to go in certain places."

I have few friends that I have asked for help and that know me well enough to say "how do you want it done?" or "Is this way okay?"

I know it's a control freak thing. A counselor once told me that the less someone tries to help me, the more controlling I become. That I need to accept the help and let it be.

Much easier said that done.

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