Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thoughts on Casey Anthony

1. She's guilty

2. The jurors had an incredibly tough job. The law does not allow for what we believe to be admitted as evidence. If so, Casey would be looking at a death penalty right now, not walking out of jail with time served. (Because you know that's what is going to happen.....4 counts of lying to law enforcement, each carrying a MAXIMUM sentence of 1 year. She's been in jail three years now.)

3. The media sensationalized this case from the start. Didn't help that we had people like John Morgan, Jose Baez, and Leonard Padilla involved either. Add in Nancy Grace and you've got America tuned in for YEARS.

4. If a parent can be prosecuted for their child skipping school, then a parent who fails to report their missing for 30+ days should also be prosecuted for neglect and abuse.

5. If a parent LIES to police about the whereabouts of dead child, causing time, money and volunteer efforts to be wasted searching for said child, she should be held criminally liable for any resources that could have been used to search for and/or save other missing children.

6. The entire state of Florida is NOT to blame for Caylee's death or Casey being found not guilty. That was decided by a jury of her "peers". Please see #2.

7. A jury of her peers would have included more women with young children, not saying all 12 jurors should have fit this, but more of them.

8. If you wish to blame someone for Casey winning her case, blame the Prosecution. They didn't provide enough information, viable evidence, or shoot holes through the Defense's claims of a drowning and of abuse.

9. I don't believe for one hot second George Anthony abused his daughter. She has been proven to be a pathological liar. I do believe that he has known for some time that his daughter was involved in Caylee's death and couldn't prove it.

10. Cindy Anthony is undoubtedly involved in this just as much as Casey. I'm sorry, but who the hell (aside from a teacher or student work on a project) googles "chorophyll"???

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