Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kitchen BEFORE pictures

I won't have AFTER pictures for a while, but I wanted you to see the before pictures.

The silverware drawer. I have a nice Reed & Barton set of silverware, to include all the great serving pieces and ICED TEA spoons. As you can see, we only have a little drawer thingy. I have the boys' spoons in an Ikea container and the boys' forks just thrown in. My R&B steak knives are in a plastic bag. Pathetic huh? Bed Bath and Beyond has these great organizers, can't wait for that unlimited money day because I will be buying at least three different organizers.
The specialty drawer. Yep, that's a mini cake pan holding most of the specialty stuff like ice cream scoops, corn pickers, spatulas, the boys' bumpy name labels and several other miscellaneous items are in this drawer. Oh, yeah, and the plug for hte griddle. (which btw also needs to be replaced.)

Junk drawer. Wow, it's a narrow drawer. But, it's a great place for charger cords, scotch tape, batteries and the Ikea clips.

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