Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Today is day number TWO

Of Henry spending 2+ hours in his room and not sleeping. OKay, yesterday, he did in fact fall asleep at 2:35....having been in there since noon.

And I'm a HORRIBLE mommy because I checked on him, smelled the stench and decided to leave him be. I cannot change that child with a poopy diaper while he is sleeping, certainly not when he's only been asleep for 10 minutes. Sure enough, I had to hose him down because it was front to back. We're doing a juice reduction day today. AS in less than 2 oz. He's NEVER been like this unless sick, so we'll have to see what else comes my way.

However, he's still awake after 3 hours and I'm not getting him. It's quiet around here. I'm getting some Tec Me Quilts stuff done and Sam has read to me and practiced writing his numbers and name. (5 weeks off has done a ton of harm to his handwriting, I am 100000000% convinced he's a natural leftie)

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