Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I made bread!!!

Here's the recipe for my Breadman. I love this recipe. It makes AWESOME toast, but wouldn't use it for french toast, the density seems to just absorb all the egg. But add some Nutella and oh my, I'm in heaven.

I lay out all my ingredients first. It just seems to be time-saving for me. Kind of like on the cooking shows. I just know if I take my time to measure out everything first, I don't worry about screwing up the recipe while I'm trying to count out 6 tsp of yeast, kwim? And yes, it's also in the order I have to put it in the pan. The water and oil were measured out when I needed them, which was first. Then sugar, salt, baking soda, bread flour, wheat flour, bread machine yeast.

Everything's in the pan, the pan is in the maker. This particular setting makes a 2-lb loaf in 59 minutes. Which is great because I can set it up during nap time and by dinner we can have cooled, fresh bread!!

The finished product!! Absolutely the best loaf I've ever made. It came out of the pan easily, the mixer thingy even stayed in the pan, not the loaf. I don't have a cooling rack, so I made my own using my grease splash guard and a dinner plate. LOL Worked out great.

Fwiw, I've made bread a bunch of times before....I just wanted to document it this time.

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