Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sam & HJ updates

Sam's repeating kindergarten this fall, but it will be a completely different program in a totally different state/district. In fact, it will be full day and he'll eat lunch with the same kids he spends all day with.

His speech is coming clearer every day and most people that don't know him really don't notice the delays. Until they see him around other 5/6 year olds and then it becomes more apparent. He's doing a bit more toe-walking and excited jumping, but really, it's only while he's playing a game on the Wii. We make him sit down and that usually works for a while.

His eating habits are improving. I sneak in things like pork by telling him it's "special chicken nuggets". I finally have him eating ham regularly on pizza. We've eliminated nightshades from his diet almost completely. Daddy lets him sneak chips or fries on occasion, but for the most part he gets the whole "not Sammy safe" explanation. I guess it's kind of helped that he has friends with nut allergies at school.

We're noticing a difference in his eczema. It's just amazing....especially when three days after chips or fries, his legs are all red and bumpy again. We read labels carefully. Certain things are okay, like Cheetohs and Goldfish, but others like CheezIts are not. His favorite foods right now are pizza (just ham and cheese), cookies, green beans, peas, and watermelon. His favorite drinks are chobby (chocolate milk) and Crystal Light Focus Natural Citrus Splash (after discovering mine!).

We also see a difference in his understanding. Granted, we still see temper tantrums, but he seems to be catching on to other ideas and remembering things more easily. Since alkaloids affect the neurotransmitters and we're eliminating them.....his brain is seeing more activity. Can't wait to talk to his neuro about it!!

Shirts: 6/7
Pants: 4/5 with elastic band....the 6/7 fall right off
Shoes: 12.5
Height: 44"
Weight: 46 lbs

Henry has a re-eval for speech on August 2 down in Lakeland. Sucks we have to drive that far since Orlando is much closer, but I get the whole county jurisdiction I guess. I'd rather take him to Celebration Health and have him see whoever they have there now. It's only a few miles from us.

I'd say his speech is understood by me about 75% of the time and by everyone else about 40-50% of the time. But I'm with him 100% of the time these days. I credit sending him to day care for a few months earlier this year with his development. He is definitely a kid that needs the social interaction with kids his own age. I have a friend that is moving to the area later this month with kids between the that should be much better for both of mine!

HJ is constantly telling us he has to go potty, but just wants to play in there. I wish there was a way to do the 3-day PT trick, but with carpeting? I don't dare try it. I really think he'd get it.

Henry is my good eater, will eat just about anything, except kiwi and green beans. He loves raw carrots, squash, hotdogs, and cookies. His favorite drinks are milk and juice.

Shirts: 3T
Pants: 2T
Shoes: 8
Height: not really sure
Weight: 29 lbs

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