Thursday, July 7, 2011

Unlimited money, I would buy the following at.....

2 Trofast with shelves, not bins
kitchen utensils
11" square fry pan (perfect for cheese quesadillas for Sammy)
another set of black dishes because I refuse to buy anymore paper plates
another set of kids plates because they are great for lunches
a roll of paper for the easel
some kind of storage ottoman
three sets of wooden hangers
lightweight covers for the boys' beds (they love their dinosaur comforters but they're heavy)
might even look at some fabric!

Bed Bath & Beyond
Tervis Tumblers--enough for each of us to have two
drawer silverware drawer is an atrocity right now (~$60)

lamps 7/14/11
shorts--living in FL you need more than 2 pair
removable shower Eric doesn't have to constantly move ours
trash can for the kitchen
2 laundry baskets or even a laundry sorter
grill pan (square stove top pan for grilling---I want some grilled salmon!)
welcome mat
kitchen mat
bath mat for the boys' bathroom (fishy pattern)

curtains & tension rod I found last week for the boys' room (total $25)
rug for under our dining room table ($20)
Ivory soap to make homemade laundry soap
Aveeno baby
Oil of Olay Ribbons (pink) 7/14/11

Nutella (best deal anywhere)
BOB books for Sammy. Have two sets, just need the other three.
trash bags
ziploc bags of all sizes

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