Saturday, March 29, 2008

Levaquin & Sun really DON'T mix

So for the second time today, I had to apologize to Duck. We'd gone to a birthday party with pool and playground. It's a beautiful sunny day here in Central Florida, with the temp somewhere around 84 degrees. I've been taking Levaquin since Wednesday. Duck and I got something to eat before the party because I wasn't sure what was being served. We got there and then BAM.

I started the worst coughing I'd had since Thursday morning. Again, couldn't really catch my breath. Next thing I know, water's streaming down my cheeks and I'm trying really hard not to get sick. I got my friend (birthday boy's mom) to keep an eye on Duck in the kiddie pool and I went to the bathroom to puke my guts out. NO TP in the bathrooms! As I'm coughing and puking, I've also lost most of my bladder control. This lovely and fun aspect has gotten worse in the last week with this nasty cough.

I stayed as long as I could. I got Duck out of the pool and let him play some more on the playscape. He had SO MUCH FUN! I felt horrible about taking him away from the party, even before cake, pinata and presents. But I felt if I didn't, I'd be running to the bathroom to puke again. So, we gave our condolences to my friend and I walked out with a crying toddler and a very upset stomach.

He cried the majority of the way home holding his goodie bag. I apologized as much as I could. I felt completely horrible. First I make him get stuck with a needle TWICE this morning, then I make him leave a birthday party where he was having so much fun.

I finally pulled a sucker out of his goodie bag for him, which he happily ate with a tiny amount of whimpering. Less than 2 miles from home he fell asleep.

Still feeling absolutely gross from puking and practically wetting myself, I carried my sleeping Duck into his bedroom and laid him down. A little over an hour later, it's 5:15 and he's still sleeping and I still feel like crap.

I haven't even taken my Met yet today and I was supposed to start taking 3 a day today. I'll be lucky to get one in. When Duck gets up we have to go get groceries, so hopefully I'll get a meal in later where I can take one, then two tomorrow and then try 3 on Monday .

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