Sunday, March 9, 2008

Best Buy update......

Okay, I have good news and I have bad news. Actually, it's the same news. The camera's WORKING again.

I took new pics this morning just so I'd have up to the minute time/date stamped photos on my memory stick. I load up Duck in the car..........I drive the approximately 3 miles to Best Buy taking my November paperwork, the old pictures and the new ones and the camera.

I walk into the store and up to the Geek Squad counter.........lo and behold, it's the same gentleman that helped us back in November. He remembers! Thank God! So I show him the new pictures that I'm getting again. I told him I could show him new ones from this morning. I turn on the camera and OMG IT WORKS. NO COLOR DISTORTION WHATSOEVER!

I was highly embarrassed and frustrated. We both laughed about it though. He was kind enough to write down on my Nov. paperwork that I was there today. He signed and dated it. I didn't send the camera out today because, frankly, I don't like being without it. Plus, the ILs are coming in two weeks on their way back to MI and I'd like to get nice pictures. If all else fails, I'll send it out and go get a few disposables til I can find my Olympus 35mm. (now there's a camera that's been faithful to me....had it well over 10 years and it still works like a charm)

Maybe later I can take some pics of the "toy store formerly known as Duck's room" and post them.

Wish me luck that I don't have to go back to BB any time soon. Although, I did get a promise that if we send it in twice between now and 2.21.09, they will replace the camera FREE. That's when our PSP expires.

We won't be buying anything like a computer, tv or camera from BB again, we'll go to Costco like my ILs. You see, apparently Costco has an INCREDIBLE return policy in that they want the customer to be 100% satisfied with their product. So, that's where we'll be going from now on for electronics.

Last bit to share: check out and for more information on any company you have a beef with. I definitely went to Best Buy with a more accurate view of policy enforcement.

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