Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Middle of the night fevers

It's midnight, you're laying in bed having a great conversation with your spouse because, well, that's the only time you see each other. When all of a sudden comes a high-pitched screaming cry from your toddler's bedroom. He's sitting up in bed, crying full force and burning up. He's hot to the touch.

20 minutes later, he's calm and in loose over-sized t-shirt and pajama bottoms. Take his temp? I think not.

The alarm went off at 6:30, I got Duck up at 7:00, still VERY warm to the touch. I got his diaper off and his temps was 100.0 rectally. Of course, we all know temps rise through the day, so I kept him home and called my boss. At least E's off tomorrow and Friday.

Duck wouldn't eat dinner easily last night. Made his favorite: baked chicken and pumpkin. Ate all his pumpkin, but not a single bit of chicken. So, did the only thing I could............NO IT WASN'T MAKE A PBJ!

I coated the chicken in pumpkin. Itty-bitty pieces of chicken covered in gobs of pumpkin. EW. He ate it though. Should have known something was up at that point I guess. No wonder the kid can't put weight on, all he eats is protein, veggies and fruit. All the stuff that would bulk him up, binds him up.

Speaking of binding......Our current "treatment plan" includes pear juice, NutriPals bars, graham crackers, Stage 2 prunes and squash (he thinks they're pudding), and canned pumpkin. I was glad to get off the Miralax after six months. I know a lot of parents spend much more time on it than that. Of course, I'm nearly positive we'll see it again when potty-training starts.

E is LOVING his new position at his job. He's so excited about being back at work and really likes his boss and the people he works with. I haven't seen him this happy in a couple of years. Sure he was glad to be working late last summer, but it was certainly not a great situation. Where he's at now is totally awesome. I really expect 2008 to be a very good year for all of us.

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