Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sucky sucky day

Yeah, today's not such a great day.

Reason #1: Best Buy is closed. Crap. Now I have to go one day after work which really sucks. Yeah, yeah, I know it's right on my way home, I have to pass it in order to get there. Doesn't mean I actually want to do it. Plus, during the week even without stops, Duck and I get home precisely 15 minutes before Duck's dinnertime.

Reason #2: Publix is closed. Which meant I either had to brave Walmart or go to the corner store and spend close to $5 for a gallon of milk. I chose the corner store, it was closer to home.

Reason #3: The new dose of Metformin is kicking my butt. Not really experiencing the exhaustion like I did when I first started the 500 mg dose, but this running to the bathroom 30 minutes after taking it has to stop. I'm only on 1000 mg at this point. I have to get myself to 2000 mg. I know it will take a few days to adjust, but OMG.......can we stay colonoscopy anyone? I'll be so glad to get the next appointment.

Oh and speaking of that next appointment, guess what showed up Friday night lasting a whopping 24 hours? Does that count as a full cycle? Just 24 hours? Maybe, just maybe I can get the next round of meds.....or even get my appointment pushed up. Doubtful, but anything is possible I suppose.

Duck has been a very good boy today, though. He even took a decent nap, first time in three days. His room is an atrocity, but that's okay, I've pretty much given up until we can get back to Ikea.

Oh, and I think we finally might have a suitable replacement for Puppy. PLUTO! We found a Pluto about the same size and only a little stiffer than Puppy, though I'm sure with lots of love, he will compare nicely. Anyway, with having Mickey and Pluto, I think we can break the Puppy habit.

Now if we could only break the paci habit. HAHAHAHAHAHA YEAH RIGHT

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