Wednesday, March 12, 2008

WAHOOO! He identified an object!

For the first time ever, well okay for ME-I have no idea if he's done it for the speech therapist, Duck identified an object. Remember the Walmart incident with the bananas? He's been on a "nana" kick ever since. So yesterday after we got home from the sitter's, he walked in, went over to his pile of flashcards and picked up one and said "nana". Sure enough, it was the banana card.

Then this morning he wanted a banana with breakfast. So, I gave him one, then after he brought me his picture book and while we were going through each page, he pointed, I said the object. time, and one time only, I pointed and he said, "nana."

OVERJOYED could only begin to describe what I felt at that very moment. Then he pointed to a tomato and said, "ball." Yeah, everything that's round is a ball. But, I don't care......he might be generalizing, but he's TALKING. He's IDENTIFYING!

Duck has also started to identify ME. The other night, E gave him something and told him, "take it to mama." In comes Duck, running, saying. "momo" (both long o). I don't know why it's "momo" and not "mama," I'll take it, though. Then I picked him up from the sitter's last night and when I walked in, he said, "momo" as he came toward me.

Talk about a toddler word explosion. I'm so freaking excited and relieved and just so inspired by the past few weeks. Of course, when he runs toward me with a Sponge Bob car screen in front of his face, I have to he really MY child? Then he puts it down and babbles something utterly indecipherable and I realize, YEP, he's mine.

Keep your fingers crossed, I go to the doctor tomorrow. It's day #17 since taking the last Provera pill and still nothing. I really have no idea why I'm even taking the Metformin, but maybe I'll get that answer tomorrow. I have list of questions to ask, primarily, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?"

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