Thursday, March 20, 2008

Weight problems

I can't lose it, Duck can't find it. E took him to the pedi today....hasn't been acting normal, wouldn't really eat for me at night other than soft foods, I swear he had red and white spots decorating his throat last night and he's been exposed to strep and tonsillitis in the last few days. No strep or tonsillitis and his ears are clear. But he's dropped two pounds since he was there the last week of February. Means he's down to 26 pounds.

The pedi said to add in "junk". Doesn't like to tell any parent that, but given we are going through all this other stuff and eating is not an issue for Duck, it might be the only way we can get the pounds back on him. We'll probably even consider going back to whole milk for a while.

So, it's back to ice cream, cookies, etc for Duck. MMMMMMM carrots and celery for me. 3 weeks til WW starts!

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