Saturday, March 8, 2008

Refuse to spend more money on Sony products

Three years ago, FIL bought us a handycam digital camera. I was pg with Duck and he and MIL thought it would be a great way for them to see pictures of Duck.

Yeah, well, it's been serviced twice already and has to go back AGAIN. The first time was an alignment issue with the tape, it wouldn't load a tape at all, but also wouldn't work for the memory stick if there wasn't one.

The second time, in the middle of my last trip to MI, it went from good pictures to really really bad pictures without warning and the buttons on the touch screen stopped responding. They replaced an electrical part, the internal board. Dropped it off November 10, 2007, picked it in mid-December.

So, last weekend we went to Disney right? E tried to take pics of Duck with Mickey, but the screen wasn't showing great, we thought it was due to it being dusk. I got the camera out today to take a picture of the toy store formerly known as Duck's room. This kid is in SERIOUS need of a toy box or two (ten, maybe?). Anyway, back to the same problem I had in MI.

Here's what I got when we first walked in the park:

Here's what I got three hours later at dusk and thought it was just the lighting:

and what I got today in Duck's room in BROAD DAYLIGHT:

I JUST GOT THIS THING BACK IN DECEMBER! Geek Squad had it for over 6 weeks. Now I have to take it back again.

I mean, thankfully, FIL doesn't buy anything without an extended warranty and we still have a year on it. But it's been about 4 months that we've had it back and it's doing the same thing. It was a matter of HOURS, just turning the camera off from the Teacup video from below to trying to take character pictures.

I really wish you all could have seen Duck squealing at Mickey. It was just too cute!

Anyway, I spent AN HOUR on the phone with Sony's customer service, including half that time with a supervisor. They are saying their hands are tied. Yeah, you're a multi-billion dollar international company and you can't help me with my camera as a customer service initiative. They're referring me back to Best Buy and Geek Squad for repair. I'm okay with that, in a way, but in a bigger way I'm not. The camera retailed for over $600 three years ago. It's not even available new anymore....and the replacement models are both under $300 through Sony and Best Buy.

So, we're looking to buy a Cannon or Nikon next because three major repairs in three years is unacceptable.

Wish me luck tomorrow at Best Buy.

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