Sunday, March 23, 2008

Duck and the red sweater

It's 80+ degrees outside and 75 inside and Duck decides he HAS to wear his red sweater Nana made him. My mom is phenomenally talented when it comes to sewing, knitting, crocheting. She's made oodles of baby sweater sets for my friends for baby gifts. Each grandchild has numerous sweaters, though I think Duck might be in the lead since he not only gets his own, but also his cousin's hand-me-downs. That's the great thing....she does such an awesome job, they last a long time.

Anyway, she made him a red one recently, I'd bought rainbow cars to put on for buttons. He LOVES that sweater. It was on his dresser in our room and he decided that it was time to wear it. I pick my battles.

I'm just that kind of mom. Battles are for warriors and soldiers, not me.

Hence my child still has a pacifier and today wandered around the apartment wearing shorts and a red knit sweater with car buttons.


I managed to get it off him at lunch time (didn't want peanut butter on it), but he wanted to put it right back on after nap. Wore it til dinner time and I finally got it off him for good at that point.

Might have to hide it tomorrow. Too bad the camera's acting up again, otherwise I'd post a picture.

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