Saturday, March 29, 2008

Apologies this morning

I apologize to all those nice people in the waiting room for having to hear my toddler screaming bloody murder as he was in the middle of a blood draw. I apologize to the phlebotomists who tried two times to get blood from my poor screaming toddler and couldn't.

But mostly I apologize to my poor toddler for putting him through that scary situation. I hate having my own blood drawn, I get queasy and dizzy most of the time. It's one reason I have such a hard time donating blood. So, to have to physically restrain my two year old was not my ideal way to start a weekend.

After two sticks and no blood, we gave up. We got our prescription back and they said to try the hospital. The hospital can get blood from areas the lab can't.

You can bet my first phone call Monday morning will be to Dr. D and his staff to see if we can get a prescription for a sedative. (one for me too)

Of course, a half hour after we got home, he was fine, running around, eating Cheerios and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

I might actually make it to Best Buy today. Keep your fingers crossed!

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