Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ikea trip, Duck's birthday and sweet potatoes

Okay, blogger is having ISSUES so I can't post a picture or video, but go back to the Toy Store posts and that's what Duck's room looks like 24 hours later.

Ikea didn't have the Trofast frame I wanted today. I did buy the bins, for whatever that's worth since Duck seems to think they're for throwing around his room and standing on them. They said it would be in at the end of the month. Gotta tell ya, I'll be calling every day starting the 28th to see if they got it in.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH and the shoppers at Ikea?? Somebody MUST have known that Puppy was well-loved because somehow I didn't notice Duck dropped him and we had to back-track all the way to the elevator. Someone had picked up Puppy and put him on a BED. Duck was so excited to see him and I was RELIEVED that no one had taken him directly to lost and found. But, do you think the EMPLOYEE that was STANDING RIGHT THERE said a word to me as I said, "oh Duck, someone found Puppy and put him right here for you, someone knows you love him very much." NOPE, not a single word, not even a smile to acknowledge that we'd found a long lost friend (yes, in Duck's toddler mind a few minutes is an eternity.) So, whoever you are, my fellow Ikea shopper, THANK YOU for seeing Puppy and picking him up where we might find him. That reminds me, Puppy needs a bath.

Even though Ikea didn't have what I wanted and their policy excludes Duck from their playplace (he's not PT'd yet), they still remain my #2 store. And they're only that way because they don't carry clothes like Target. But I suppose if someone figured out how to put H&M and Ikea in the same building, I would be ELATED. Course, if we could get H&M here in the central Florida area, I'd be happy, but for now I'll settle for hitting the Dearborn, MI store when I get a chance. Anyway they have a great family restroom that included a FREE diaper station. You know, like a feminine goods dispenser, but it was diapers and they were FREE. WOW. (of course, since I'm sharing this, next time I go they wont' be) But I thought, what a concept. Their little packages came with a diaper, two wipes, and a bed liner. WAY TOO COOL!

Oh, speaking of bed liners for changing tables. Did you know that the ONLY place we've EVER been to that had them was the Denny's in Kissimmee on US-192 near US-27? Seriously, I generally use a changing table wherever they have them. I mean, this is aside from Disney's baby care centers, but I expect Disney to do something like that.

Total tangent, sorry.

Starting to think about Duck's birthday. Yeah, I know it's 4 months away, but it's only 8 paydays away and if I do a few things in each payday, it won't seem so bad. Last year's party was good, it was HOT and nearly everyone invited showed up. We squeezed 30 people in our tiny two bedroom apartment, we had people ALL OVER. So, I'm considering alternatives for this year, like moving into a house with a backyard or going to Monkey Joe's, maybe even a park. Since it's mid-July, I'm thinking INDOORS is a good thing. Or outdoors with a pool. I don't know yet.

Duck's answered TWO "w" questions in the past three days. The first was the "where's the cow" question. Today was "where's Puppy" before we left the house and he just put his hands out and said "eh-huh" (i don't know). We found Puppy together. (at Ikea, he was not so calm)

Oh, and we learned the other night, he's still definitely allergic to sweet potatoes. If you live or will visit the Kissimmee area, do NOT go to Morrison's on US-192. Worst place we ever been to. GRoss food, not labeled, crap all over the floor, incompetent waitstaff (ok, not all, just ours). And it was a buffet, but not everything was labeled or labeled correctly. I'm convinced what they had labeled pumpkin pie was really a pumpkin/sweet potato combination. Duck LOVES pumpkin, but he wouldn't eat it after one small bite. Sure enough, before we left, his face was breaking out. I gave him Benadryl before he went to bed, thought nothing of it. Til this morning when he woke up with a rash on his chest and belly and it looks like it's starting on his arms. CRAP. So, Aveeno and Benadryl it is for the next few days. I was really hoping he'd grow out of that.

Oh, and if anyone knows where I might be able to find out if certain sweeteners are made from sweet potatoes or a sweet potato derivative, I'd greatly appreciate it. I SWEAR I remember SOMETHING about that.


Annie said...

I hear you on the H&M - I was used to it when I lived in Glasgow, Scotland, and was so excited to see it in Manhattan when we were up a couple of years ago.

I think they should build one half way between you and me - just to be fair ;)

We haven't made it up to Ikea yet - but I'm dying to.

M said...

I love Ikea. Once upon a time, prechildren when I worked and did things like go out for lunch? My crazy hag coworker (you remember the Joyce tales, no?!) and I used to hit Ikea OFTEN for lunch as they were just down the street from us. *swoons* they make me happy.