Monday, March 24, 2008

Not-so-typical Monday Morning

Usually, Monday mornings are a mess at our house. Probably 75% of the time, I wind up canceling Duck's speech session. Ms J has come to accept that and is always excited when Duck is actually there on a Monday. Today, though, I was bound and determined to be different. I got Duck's stuff around last night, including juice and milk cups. I knew what each of us was wearing today and E's clothes for work were in the dryer.

We all managed to walk out of the apartment at 7:30. First time in months we've actually done this on a Monday morning.

Then, the neighbor lady needed help with her car. E being the nice guy he is, said he'd help. I got Duck out of his car and into mine and off we went to speech. E called me to say he was finally on his way and he'd meet me in the valet circle. So, as we're waiting in the lobby, Duck's bouncing around on a chair that I'm sitting on. All of a sudden he passes gas, grabs his crotch and says "tooot toooot."

I about died laughing, then he started laughing too.

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