Tuesday, March 18, 2008


disclaimer: my frustrations are NOT directed at any one single person, I don't mean to offend or hurt anyone's feelings. However, this is MY blog to talk about things important to ME.

General frustrations trying to have another baby: if I hear "relax" or "be grateful for the one you have" one more time, I will absolutely SCREAM. It's incredibly insensitive and if you personally know me, "relax" is not in my vocabulary. To say such things makes an assumption that I haven't tried to relax, that I'm not doing things to make my life easier, and it truly implies that I don't value Duck which is the farthest thing from the truth. My child is my life. And actually, right now, I am fairly calm and my stress level is fairly low. E and I both have jobs we love, Duck is doing so well with therapy, we're a really happy family. But we want to add to that family.

I scheduled my appointment with the RE. Managed to schedule it the same day as Sam's developemental pediatrician's appointment. So, we'll take him to that, then the sitter's, then on to the hospital for my appointment.

It was kind of funny when she told me that I should still come to the appointment even if I was in the middle of a cycle. I told her,"that would be a miracle considering I haven't had one since September." She laughed and agreed.

So, before you talk to a couple experiencing infertility, it would be a good idea to look at this:
What not to say to an infertile couple

And, I found Duck's MChAT from last year. He failed 13 of 23 markers. Now, after a year of speech, OT and EI therapies, he only fails the one marker. I talked to his EI therapist over the weekend and she agreed that he could technically still fail that question #13 about imitation. But she's going to start working on faces with him. We're going to do food faces at home.

Oh, and apparently, I haven't heard "Einstein didn't talk til he was three" enough times either.

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M said...

Oh hell oh helling hell.

I'm so far behind on blog reading and then find this. Big hugs. Seriously. This shit is the pits.

This is why I didn't tell anyone we were trying for Liam. Why I still didn't tell as we struggled. Why I almost murdered my mom and sis, who we eventually told, when it still took longer.

And Einstein didn't talk until 3? NO KIDDING? I've NEVER heard that either! *insert appropriate eye rolling and desire to stab someone in the ear*

Will attempt to go catch up now but having hell night. We'll see how it goes. (But, um, WTG on all the improvement in a year! THAT? is FANTASTIC!!!)